Healing Path Labyrinth

After years of wishing for a labyrinth, Pilgrim received a grant from the City of Portland to remove an unsightly rectangle of concrete and replace it with a rain garden and a labyrinth.  A series of "guided discoveries" (we call them miracles or "listening to Spirit") led us to use pervious pavement, give it an octagonal shape, and paint the lines in rainbow colors.  The end result was the image of a cross.  Imagine that!

"Walking a labyrinth is a body prayer. It is non-threatening; all we are asked to do is walk."

                            - Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress

The Healing Path labyrinth is based on the inner 7 circuits of the labyrinth in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France.  The octagon is considered to be the shape of periodic renewal and resurrection, while the number 7 has symbolic meaning in Christianity and other spiritual traditions.

We've designed a short path for those who ride in a wheelchair or scooter, are pushing a baby stroller, or need to take a shorter path for whatever reason. Two places have dashed lines -- walk or wheel over them to use only the inner 5 circuits instead of all 7. There's an extra foot of space on the outside, so you won't "go off the edge"!  If you come to 'walk' the Healing Path Labyrinth, find a more complete explanation in the folder in the plastic box.


There are many ways to walk a labyrinth...and they are all the right way.

Here is one suggested way:

  • Pause at the entrance to focus or ask a question.
  • Try to let go of distractions and thoughts on the way in to the center.
  • It's OK to pass someone else and usually easiest to do so at a turn.
  • Stay as long as you want in the center -- stand, sit, meditate, dance -- or just leave.
  • After you exit the labyrinth, take time to reflect.

Each experience with a labyrinth is different. Sometimes it may feel as though nothing has happened. At other times, you may have a very strong experience. Celebrate what is!

To read about the laybrinth dedication on September 25, 2013, click here: http://eastpdxnews.com/general-news-features/healing-path-labyrinth-dedicated-in-lents/